Thrivent Choice Dollars Supporting Mission Trips

Short Term Mission Trips Supported through Thrivent Choice Dollars

If you are interested in more information about how you can participate in a mission trip, please visit www.lcms.org/helpandserve or www.mostministries.org.

Our congregation has established a fund to help financially support members of our congregation that participate in a mission trip with the LCMS or a a recognized service organization of the LCMS. This fund is supported through the designation of Thrivent Choice Dollars. If you are a member of Thrivent Financial, then you may designate St. Paul as your choice. To designate St. Paul with your Thrivent Choice Dollars please visit www.thrivent.com/making-a-difference/living-generously/thrivent-choice/.

In the “Keywords” search box please type in the zip code “49189.” You will see our congregation as the first choice. Searching with this zip code is the easiest way to find St. Paul Lutheran Church. In 2016 $4,352 was given to St. Paul by Thrivent Financial because people had chosen St. Paul as their choice. We disbursed $1000 to help cover the cost of a member of our congregation participating in a MOST mission trip.

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