Sept. 23 – Sept. 30 Bulletin Announcements

Scripture Readings for This Week

Scripture Readings for today:
Jeremiah 11:18–20, James 3:13–4:10, Mark 9:30–37

Scripture Readings for next week:
Numbers 11:4–6, 10–16, 24–29, James 5:(1–12) 13–20, Mark 9:38–50


Spiritual Oversight

Something Special

Sunday October 7 Special Education Hour–Heart & History–you hopefully received a letter about this special event. If not, there are more copies in the back of the church.


Pastor Bob will be out of town

On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, Pastor Bob will be attending a continuing education event for Intentional Interim Pastors which will be in Hillsdale, Michigan. Friday he will be in Carson City as he has some appointments there. However, he always has his cell phone with him and you are welcomed to call whenever you may have a need. His number is 614-562-9222.


Volunteers needed


Could you help this week to serve as a receptionist who would answer the phone and greet those who come? This immediate need is because there is a time between the end of Martha Wohlfeil’s service and filling her role. We are grateful for the years Martha worked at St. Paul on Mondays-Wednesday noon. We pray the Lord will bless her new position at our District office. We are thankful that Lynda Minger continues to serve as secretary from Wednesday afternoon through Friday. If you would like to be considered as the regular replacement for the Monday-Wednesday noon position, please speak with one of our council members–Chris Mowers, Chuck Simpson, Stan Bucrek, Scott Bone, or Bill Zolner.


Christian Education

Nursery Volunteers Needed:

The Nursery is currently looking for volunteers to supervise our little ones during both worship services and Education Hour on Sunday mornings. Your commitment would be for one hour per month for the coming year. Please contact Barb Nettleton (810-355-4350 / maxbarb@chartermi.net) if this opportunity is the way that God is calling you to serve Him and His people at St. Paul.


Education Hour – 9:45 am-10:45 am Sunday

Plan to join us during the Education Hour this week. We provide opportunities for people of all ages to read and inwardly digest the true promises of God revealed in the Bible.


This Week in Sunday School

We continue with regular Sunday School classes TODAY in the lower level. There are classes for preschool, K-2, and 3-6. All ages begin in the multi-purpose room for an opening and then move to their classrooms. We will be using SPARK: ACTIVATE FAITH and our story will be Creation.


Sunday School Registration – NEW THIS YEAR

In an effort to make sure our records are up to date, and to collect important data for all of our Sunday School students, students should register for classes here: https://goo.gl/forms/QzyIJTI6e4cuvAeP2 This information is helpful to our teaching staff. Upper Room, the divided portion of the Large Fellowship Hall. room


Sunday’s Readings Bible Study

Every Sunday we hear three Bible readings in the Divine Service. These Bible readings reflect the current church calendar and usually serve as the basis for the sermon. This Bible study helps them come to life. This class meets in the Upper Room, the divided portion of the Large Fellowship Hall.

Matthew Chapter 2

What does it mean to follow Jesus? That will be the question we return to repeatedly as we study the Gospel of Matthew one chapter at a time during the education hour between services. Today is chapter one. Hope you can be with us.

Fresh Brew

“The Lord’s Prayer” ‘Lord teach us to pray.’ This was the request of Jesus’ disciples. Fresh Brew will use a variety of resources to explore the content and discipline of prayer. Join us for this helpful discussion that will enrich your life as a follower of Jesus. Next Sunday, “Thy kingdom come.” Fresh Brew meets on Sunday mornings at 7:30 am in the Large Fellowship Hall.


Monday Women’s Bible Study

This study will meet tomorrow, September 24. We will continue our study of Philippians. This is a new study topic and a great time to join. Tomorrow we will do lesson 3, “Obedient in Christ.” We meet at 11:00 a.m.


Adult Catechism

On October 3 at 7 p.m.—End Times will be the next in the series of classes looking at the catechism. As we finish the second article of the Apostles Creed, we will look at different views of the millennium, the rapture, and some key principals in understanding the book of Revelation. The Lutheran understanding of these topics is very different than some Christians as reflected in the popular Left Behind series. Even if you have not been a part of previous classes, you are welcomed to be with us if this is a topic of interest to you.

This Wednesday night at 7 p.m., adult catechism class will take a different form as Pastor is out of town. We will be watching the movie “Martin Luther: Heretic” This 70 minute movie about Martin Luther was produced in conjunction with Concordia Publishing House in 1983 (500th anniversary of Luther’s birth). There are now four major movies about Luther’s life. This one is the favorite of many while it is among the least known. All are welcomed to see it this Wednesday.


Men’s Saturday Morning Bible Study

Men enjoy a healthy breakfast. We have been working on a study titled, “Men at Church.” The study is based on a variety of articles from the June/July issue of the Lutheran Witness. It is a great time to join this group. We meet Saturday mornings at 8:30 am. See you next Saturday, September 29.


Family Ministry

Kids’ Connection During the 11 am Divine Service

This is a time for 3-year-olds through 2nd-grade students during the 11:00 am Divine Service. The lesson today is “Abraham and Sarah” based on Genesis 15-21. Children leave for Kids’ Connection after the children’s message and return when the offering is received so that they may participate in a blessing at Holy Communion as well as the close of the worship service.


Fall Festival

Thank you, Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Prize table at last Sundays Fall Festival. Whether you approached a local business or gave a themed basket or individual item, they were all appreciated! Because of your participation two tables were packed with 33 prizes and lucky, happy winners were announced throughout the event.


Thank you to all of our youth and adult volunteers at the Fall Festival. Together, we were able to have a wonderful event!


IMAC (I am a Christian) is for 4th-6th graders

We will have our first meeting on Sunday, October 7, following the 11:00 am service. Lunch will be served. See you then!



LCMS National Youth Gathering Information Meeting Every 3 years our National church body presents a national event for young people from across the country and around the world. The next event will be in Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 11-15, 2019. This event is for young people age 14-19 are 14 by the time of the gathering or who are entering 9th grade at the time of the gathering.

We are hosting an informational meeting TODAY right after the 11:00 am worship service. This meeting is intended for young people who may be interested in attending the gathering and their parents. A great deal of helpful information will be shared. Do plan to attend. Information helpful to making a good decision will be shared. Our initial registration deadline is approaching quickly. Registration should be submitted by October 14, 2018.



Directory Update

We’re doing the final work on the roster. This is your chance to make sure we have correct addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. for you and your family. If you have received a phone call asking for updated information, please forward the information to celowsky@charter.net or the church office.

If, for some reason, you would rather not have your phone number or email address published, let us know. If you would like your email address published, but not sure we have it, be sure to let us know that, too.

Your free 8 x 10 and any photos you ordered are available in the fellowship hall.

This is the last call for SELFIES. Forward them by 9/25 to celowsky@charter.net. Include the names of each person in the photo, with children in birth order, along with your address, phone number and email addresses you want included.


Compassionate Care

Red Cross Blood Drive

Lori Schonsheck Sheila Mueller would like to thank everyone who donated blood or helped with cookies, set up or tear down. There were many new volunteers!! We collected 61 lifegiving units. We will not be hosting any more blood drives. Unfortunately, The Great Lakes office that serves us is closing.


In Our Community

Most Ministries

Do you like to sew? If you have ever tossed around the idea of doing mission work, this might be the thing for you. There is a team of sewer wanting to go to Tanzania (Team 1904Sewing/TIP). They need two more people or they cannot go. There is information on the bulletin board. If more copies are needed, ask the St. Paul office to get it to you.


Upcoming Event on September 30, 2018

Keith and Kristyn Getty continue to be global ambassadors for modern hymns in the USA and throughout the world and The Livingston County Christian Musicians are please that in this new season of limited touring, they have chosen to spend a fall evening on September 30th!

Join Livingston County Christian Musicians (LCCM) for an evening concert with Keith and Kristyn Getty and their 8-piece Irish Band at Shepherd of the Lakes Lutheran Church – enhanced by a county-wide LCCM choir – bringing dozens of churches together in Brighton, MI. online at https://lccmusicians.org/home. You won’t want to miss out and you may even see some familiar faces in the choir.


Kreft Arts Program at Concordia University

The Kreft Arts Program at Concordia University Ann Arbor strives to inspire the artistic, intellectual, and creative experiences of their students and their community. The program includes art exhibitions, concerts, lectures, dance performances, book reviews, and theatrical performances by artists from around the world and from Concordia’s own student body and faculty. Go to : https://www.cuaa.edu/life/involvement-and-activities/kreft-arts-program


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