Education, especially the education of students attending one of our LCMS schools: elementary, secondary, college, and seminary are high priorities for the Frank and Lila Smith Education Fund.

Why choose Lutheran education?

The Christian Worldview

  • Lutheran Schools are loving, caring, safe.
  • Lutheran Schools are thoroughly Christ-centered, evangelical, and Bible based – committed to planting and nurturing a Christian worldview in students’ lives, lifestyles, and hearts.
  • Lutheran Schools pursue and offer excellence and quality.

Stable, Large, Experienced, Successful

  • The Lutheran School system reaches over 288,000 students nationwide.
  • The Lutheran School system is the largest Protestant school system in the United States. There are over 2,526 preschools, elementary and middle schools, high schools, colleges, universities, and seminaries that make up LCMS schools nationwide.
  • The Lutheran School system operates 130 high schools across the nation.
  • The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod operates 10 high quality liberal arts universities across the nation, which prepare students not just for making a living, but more importantly for “making a life” that makes a difference for Christ. All of our universities have highly respected teacher education and certification programs to resource the Lutheran schools across the nation and world.

Who is eligible for an education fund grant?

The disbursement of funds will be to members of St. Paul Lutheran Church who are:

1) attending one of the LCMS seminaries with the intention of entering the pastoral ministry – $1500.00 per semester per student

2) attending one of the member schools of the Concordia University System with the intention of serving as:

a. full-time church worker (teacher, DCE, DCO, Director of Family Life) – $1000.00 per semester per student

b. any other non-church worker occupation – $550 per semester

3) attending one of the LCMS area Lutheran high schools – $550.00 per semester per student (Level 3 Congregational Support)

4) attending an LCMS Lutheran Elementary School –  $250.00 per semester per student

The money will be disbursed at the beginning of the semester and will be paid either to the parents or to the institution, which ever method that will maximize the grant from this fund – based on eligible matching funds, impact on other scholarships, etc.

Priority Order

Priority order for grant disbursement in the event of a fund shortfall will be from 1 to 4 in the disbursement list.

The Church Council will determine payment recipients after considering the circumstances in each case.

Student recipients must have earned a GPA of 2.5 or above to be eligible for the grant the following semester.

Scholarship awardees and/or at least one parent are to maintain a (2) weekly services per month minimum church attendance record.

Applications must be submitted for each semester.

Donate to Support the Education Fund

We are always accepting donations toward the Frank and Lila Smith Education Fund. If interested in making a donation, then please contact the church office to have any of your questions answered.

Online Application

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