Jan. 13 – Jan. 20 Bulletin Announcements

Scripture Readings for This Week

Scripture Readings for today:
Isaiah 43:1–7 Romans 6:1–11, Luke 3:15–22

Scripture Readings for next week:
Isaiah 62:1–5 1, Corinthians 12:1–11, John 2:1–11



February Newsletter

If you have something for the newsletter, you have until this Wednesday afternoon to submit it.


Christian Education

Intergenerational Learning Hour

All classes will be meeting together in the large fellowship hall today. Sunday school, youth classes, and all adult classes will join for a learning hour on baptism. See the insert for more details.


Fresh Brew

Continues its study of prayers of gratitude. Pastor Bob is filling in for Mike this Sunday and next week as Mike is out of town for the Texas service event followed by the confirmation retreat.


Pastor’s Sunday class

Next Sunday during the education hour, Dr. Scott Yakimow will continue his presentation and our discussion of ethics as we consider the Christian response to challenges in society. Ethics is one of the classes he teaches at Concordia University in Ann Arbor. We appreciate his leading during this special education opportunity.

Pastor Bob and Lynne will be taking vacation from this Thursday until the following Tuesday. They will be visiting their daughter and son-in-law in Dallas, Texas. We are grateful that next Sunday Rev. Dr. Scott Yakimow will lead our worship service. (Reminder the Wednesday class on Revelation will not be taking a break.)



The Revelation session #1 was attended by 35 people. Some married couples shared sheets. Extra copies of that first session are now in the back of the church so everyone can have their own copy. All those interested are welcomed to take a copy. Wednesday classes are at 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. The class will meet every Wednesday from now until the end of February. The afternoon and evening classes use the same schedule, so you are welcomed at whatever time is convenient from week to week. This Wednesday we will cover chapters 2 & 3.

January 16 Seven Letters to Seven Churches Chapters 2 & 3

January 23 Seven Seals Chapters 4-8:3

January 30 Seven Trumpets Chapters 8:4-11

February 6 Seven “Sights” Chapters 12-15

February 13 Seven Bowls of Wrath Chapter 16

February 20 Fall of Babylon

February 27 The Millennium & the New Jerusalem

You do not need to read any other book than your Bible to attend. However, if you are interested in reading on your own, a commentary published by Concordia is available for $25. It is marketed as being for the general public but would be a good college textbook on Revelation. Copies are in the back of the church. Speak with Pastor if you wish to purchase a copy.


Monday Women’s Bible Study

The Ladies Bible study meets on Monday January 14.


Men’s Saturday Morning Bible Study

Men enjoy a healthy breakfast. We are continuing a study on “Praying with Gratitude.” We will meet next Saturday, January 12. Breakfast is served at 8:30 am.


Family Ministry

Kids’ Connection During the 11 am Divine Service

This is a time for 3-year-olds through 2nd-grade students during the 11:00 am Divine Service. The lesson today is “The Wise Men” found in Matthew 2:1-12. Children leave for Kids’ Connection after the children’s message and return when the offering is received so that they may participate in a blessing at Holy Communion as well as the close of the worship service.


Family Advent/Christmas Challenge

Our winners for the challenge this year were Tara and Derrick Smith family and the Gorkowski family!


Baptismal Remembrance Event and Worship Celebration

Today all those who were baptized in 2018 will be honored and celebrated at the worship service you normally attend. Those newly baptized, and their families, will be brought forward during the service for a special recognition. Join us for the intergenerational event during the Education Hour. See the insert in the bulletin for more information.


LAC (7/8th grade) and IMAC (4th-6th grade)

We will combine both groups in January. We will be going to Rollerama for some laser tag on Sunday, January 20. Cost is $10 per person and includes 2 games of laser tag and lunch. If you would like to play arcade games, please bring extra money. We will meet after second service. Please RSVP by Wednesday to Mike or Miriam.


LCMS National Youth Gathering

16 students and 4 adults have committed to be a part of this community and event. Registration is still open for students and with the rooms we have reserved there is still space for both guys and girls. See me (Mike) for registration materials.


Youth Gathering Preparation — Important

There will be a Bible study and preparation meeting for the National Youth Gathering on Sunday, January 27, from 9:45-10:45 am.


Youth Confirmation Retreat

Our confirmation class is at Retreat this weekend. Pastor Riggs will be with the group from Friday evening until Saturday noon. Mike Hausch will be there from Friday evening until the conclusion Sunday afternoon. Thanks also to all those helping. We will share a fuller report after the retreat concludes


Compassionate Care

Open Shop Days

Daisy’s Food Pantry offers open shop days every Wednesday between 1pm-4pm. Our food pantry helps households in our community bridge out of crisis. Families can shop 6 times a year in our pantry. No qualifications or appointments are needed. Please spread the word so we can reach more people in our community.

Current Pantry needs: cooking oil, Knorr pasta or rice sides and pancake mix.


Red Cross Blood Drive

The Blood Drive is January 15 from 1 pm-6:45 pm. Volunteers and cookies are needed. Appointments can be made online. If you can help, please contact Lori Schonsheck at 248-763-8503



St. Paul Playgoers is Back By Popular Demand!

Tickets have been reserved for “Old Time Religion” being performed at Cornwell’s Turkeyville Dinner Theatre in Marshall. Save the date – April 13 @ noon. Sign up will begin January 20. Anyone is welcome and encouraged to participate!


Playgoers will be expanded to include Christian concerts or movies and will take requests. We would especially like to support our members who are performing in plays or concerts with a group in attendance to cheer them on.



Game Time

Friday evening January 25 at 7 p.m. Bring a game, puzzle, and/or a snack to share.


Fellowship News

The recent assets mapping session and congregational survey that was completed indicated that there is interest in more fellowship opportunities for people to get to know each other outside of church on Sunday. So, beginning with the new year, let’s make that happen!


The next question is what kind of activities would people like to see happening at St. Paul? On January 20 and 27, there will be a table in the Fellowship Hall with ideas for activities laid out. Stop by and see if there is anything that would interest you and cast your vote. There will also be a place for you to offer your own suggestions. Offer your ideas freely without the concern that if you suggest it, you will be put in charge of it. We will start with the activities with the most votes. If you would like to submit an idea in time to have it presented and voted on (or at any time in the future), send it to Cindy Elowsky, celowsky@charter.net.


Keep watching your Sunday bulletins and e-News for new information!



Faith Family Reunion Retreat — Our Prodigals – April 27, 2019

When children have left the church and faith in Jesus Christ, parents that are left behind often find themselves feeling isolated and alone. The feelings of guilt and shame can become overwhelming as they wonder what they did wrong, could have done better or what they failed to do. The end result makes parents feel as though they are living solo with the need to carry this burden on their own. We invite you to begin the journey of discovery together with us in a one-day retreat and other like-minded parents, as we explore that we might all share similar stories and that maybe we are really not alone on this road.


During this retreat, we hope to provide you a warm, comfortable, loving and non-threatening environment where you might feel the freedom to express yourself. We hope that this time together can maybe “little by little” break down the walls of shame and secrecy. As we join together with one another we hope to create a community within the church family, for you where you feel safe to open up a dialogue and begin the conversation with others.

We are not going to “tell you what to do” or “tell you what you could have done better” but rather offer you a time where you can hear from a prodigal that has returned to the faith and to be surrounded by other parents going through similar situations in life. Our goal is to have you leave with hope, realizing that you are not alone and maybe even forming new friendships.

Help families welcome home family members who have wandered away.

Paula Isakson (Founder of Faith Family Reunion) will share the Faith Family Reunion her story and touch on the curriculum that she and her father Dr. Jakob K. Heckert (Co-Founder and Theological Editor) which they developed together, that addresses the subject matter head on. Additional resources will be presented from the Faith Family Reunion interactive website: www.faithfamilyreunion.com.


Be Constant in Prayer Theological Conference 2019

February 2, 2019 @ 8:00 am – 3:15 pm, Our Savior Lutheran Church, 7910 E. St. Joe Hwy., Lansing, MI, 48917

A conference for laity and church workers together on prayer. Prayer is dangerous. It can change you. It can disrupt your life/routine. Don’t pray, and let everything be the way it is. Pray, and receive peace, guidance, understanding, faith, purpose, protection from evil, and a deeper relationship with God. Jesus prayed often, and He tells us to be constant in prayer. Join us at “Be Constant in Prayer” (Theological Conference) and learn more about this gift from our heavenly Father. Student (High School and College) Students $15 / person, General $20 / person, Livestream FREE for individuals and host congregations.

Register Today at: https://michigandistrict.org/event/2019-theological-conference/


The “Kick-the-Tires” Mission Weekend is designed to be a low-risk way to introduce your congregation to what it could look like for them to join Jesus on His mission in their everyday lives and support each other as a congregation. The weekend is guaranteed to significantly advance the mission-conversation in your congregation and among your leadership.

Lunch will be provided.



If you are bringing a group from your church, please register so we know how many to expect

https://goo.gl/forms/NIGjYEWjesD9FU2q1 Those of you who studied “Joining Jesus on His Mission” will like this one, as it is led by its author and will be discussed.


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