Call Committee Update – 1-23-2019


  • Our call committee has met (5) times since its formation in December.  So far, work has consisted of understanding the call process, setting norms for operation, reviewing information gathered by the Transition Thinking Team and understanding congregational survey results and historical statistics.


  • At our second meeting, we invited our Circuit Visitor, Rev. Paul Neuendorf of St. Paul Ann Arbor in to review the call process and advise us regarding candidate personal information, handling confidential information, seeing the process from the candidate’s perspective, respecting the seriousness of a long term congregation/pastor relationship and the importance of surrounding the call process with prayer.


  • Since then, we have been working on questions to ask candidates once we receive a call list. We will choose some questions to email out in advance to get a feel for whether a candidate appears to be a fit for our congregation. We will then follow up with live phone interview questions to narrow down the candidate list and form a recommendation to the congregation in preparation for a call meeting yet this quarter.


  • We received a list of candidates from the MI District office this week and met with our Circuit Visitor on Wednesday, 1/23 to go over our next steps. There are 13 candidates on the list. We will be digesting and discussing the District and self evaluation information provided for each candidate at upcoming meetings.



  • If you have questions for or information to offer the call committee, please feel free to speak with any one of us. Committee members are Stan Bucrek (chair), Jacob Gorkowski, Mike Hausch, Chris Mowers, Chadd Schlamb, Tara Smith, Bob Vedder, and Miriam Yakimow


During this time between long term pastors, our congregation continues to be served by our Intentional Interim, Pastor Bob Riggs.  He is serving St. Paul full-time during this transition.  If you have any pastoral needs, he would be glad to hear from you.  You may call the church office or his cell phone at 614-562-9222.

St. Paul Pastoral Call Committee

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