Faith Milestones

Faith Milestones at St. Paul Lutheran Church with Family Ministry Connections

Faith Milestones use significant milestones in a child’s life to connect families to each other and to the congregation.

Passing on the faith from generation to generation is part of the life of every Christian home. This fundamental task requires much more than passing on Biblical and doctrinal information. Through the work of the Holy Spirit, a trust and confidence is renewed which holds that the power of God creates and renews all things.

Milestones Ministry provides a clear and usable model so that individuals and households can participate in a way of life that marks special moments as “God moments,” and honors them as part of the journey of faith.

Benefits of Faith Milestones

  • Children and youth are supported in their lives of faith through different milestones in their lives.
  • Parents/caretakers of children are encouraged through Milestone Events to grow in their own faith and are equipped to be teachers of the faith, even in their own homes
  • Elders are encouraged to share their stories and leave a legacy of faith
  • Faith is practiced through the Four Keys of caring conversations, devotions, service, and rituals and traditions
  • Supportive and prayerful accountability develops for one another

Baptism: Nurturing a Faith Life

This Milestone Event takes place prior to baptism and provides a rare opportunity for public and thoughtful conversation about how we, as Christians, live out our baptism and support one another in that daily faith journey. (birth-adult)

Anniversary of Baptism: Remembering Our Way of Life

This Milestone Event is an opportunity to remind everyone that living our baptism is a lifelong journey. Usually held in conjunction with the Baptism of our Lord Sunday, those baptized in the previous year are encouraged in their baptismal journey. (year following baptism)

Entering Sunday School: First Steps for a Young Child (preschool, age 3-4)

Children are given assurance that Sunday school is a safe place for them. Parents learn that Sunday school is a ministry that partners with the home to pass on faith, values, and character formation.

Welcoming Young Children to Worship: An Intentional Invitation (pre-K)

This milestone is an intentional invitation by saying, “You and your child are welcome here.” Learners will explore worship and the worship space.

Prayer: Relationships with God and Family (kindergarten/1st grade)

Teaching, experiencing, and practicing prayer early in a child’s life establishes a strong foundation for the child’s faith journey. It also builds relationships between child and caregiver.

Bible: Places Scripture in Hands and Homes (grades 3/4)

This milestone gathers children and caregivers around God’s Word as they use, read, study, and play in the Bible.  In this way, children not only receive Bibles, but are encouraged to use them together with their families.

Blessing of the Backpacks (all ages)

This milestone gives us an opportunity to discover God’s presence with us at home, school, and work, and to be reminded that Jesus is with us always.

Kids and Money: Good Stewards of God’s Gifts (2nd grade)

This milestone helps children and families learn more about how God intends for us to appreciate and use the gift of money.

Communion: Learning More about the Lord’s Supper (grades 4+)

This milestone helps children and families learn more about the significance of Holy Communion and prepare to receive the Sacrament.


Milestones Ministry encompasses all ages from birth-adult.  The milestones listed here list only those that have been developed for birth-grade 6.  Watch for more information on other milestones and faith stepping stones.