Celebration of Generosity

We passed for 2018 an unbalanced budget. Our budget, passed at the January 2018 voters meeting, $24,373 more in scheduled expenses than expected receipts. This situation for 2018 developed because of our expected need to replace the HVAC system in the sanctuary and narthex. We have prepared for this out-of-balance situation by ensuring that our cash reserve will be able to handle this event.

Now for the good news… our budget is actually over balance by $7,931 instead of $24,373. How did this happen? Our budget in 2018 included a new section for Family Life. This section includes some new areas of spending as a part of our congregation focus on strengthening families. This section in the budget also includes some spending lines that previously had been in the Christian Education section of the budget. When we created the Family Life section and copied the spending lines, we failed to delete them from the Christian Education section. This mistake was found after the budget was passed at the January 2018 voters meeting. By eliminating the double entry of these spending lines our budget is no longer in such an out-of-balance situation.

So yes our budget still includes more in scheduled expenses than expected receipts but we are prepared for this moment. The amazing generosity of people in our congregation in past years has allowed us to have sufficient cash reserves to meet these planned maintenance moments without experiencing crisis. God provides confidence and joy to us in immeasurable ways from the riches of grace.

Witness, Mercy, Life Together

In Christ, for the Church and the World

These phrases illustrate how the church lives and works together to proclaim the Gospel and to provide for our brothers and sisters in our congregations, communities, and throughout the world. These phrases describe the emphasis of The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.