September 2017 Church Council Meeting Highlights

Worship Schedule at Christmas (Christmas Eve and NY Eve are on a Sunday)

Christmas Eve Day – One service at 10 AM

Christmas Eve PM services at 4PM, 7PM & 10 PM.

There will be no NY Eve 7 PM Service and (2) regular services on Sunday 12/31.


Family Friendly Partner Network Event September 29-30

– We will host the leadership meeting on Friday, September 29.

– We will also host the FFPN event on Saturday, September 30. – You can learn more about the event by visiting – events/ccf-family-life-seminar-1

– EVENT DESCRIPTION: How to Launch a Home-Centered Faith Forming Program

  • Concordia Center for the Family is joining forces with the Michigan District to offer 3 Family Life Ministry Seminars for churches and schools.
  • The topic for Seminar #1 will cover how to implement Family Time and Faith Legacy curriculum and training resources to launch home-centered faith forming programming in the local church and school. [To register, contact Pastor.]
  • These topics will help congregations and schools understand, use, and implement family life education programming and resources on equipping parents as faith shapers, and establishing a parenting and marriage ministry.


Required Voters Meeting on or before November 26

– The Ann Arbor Circuit Forum will be on Monday, November 27th at Peace at 7:00 PM

– We will nominate / elect the new Circuit Visitor at that meeting. Each congregation can send 1 Pastor and 1 lay person to the Forum.

– Nominations for Circuit Visitor need to be sent to Pr. Larry Courson no later than Sunday, the 26th. He cannot accept nominations the day of the forum according to LCMS bylaws. Since he does not plan to run for re-election or to serve after the next District Convention, we are encouraged to nominate someone else from our Circuit.

– At that meeting we will also have a discussion about Synod priorities. If anyone has a suggested resolution for the Circuit to present to the District Convention, this would be the time for the Forum to consider it.

– The four essential items of business should appear on the agenda of each/every congregation voters meetings in preparation of the Forum are:

  1. Designate a pastor and lay representative to attend the circuit forum
  2. Nominate candidates for circuit visitor for the next triennium
  3. Participate in the triennial process to determine the Synod’s priorities
  4. Elect the congregation’s delegates to the District Convention

[The Voters Meeting above will be held on Sunday, Nov. 19, at approx. 12 PM]


Facilities Update

Church Exterior painting will be done late October 2017 (unless an opening occurs earlier). Becky will review and advise re: color options. At the same time, Narthex, Multi-Purpose, Open Stairway, wall under coat rack and Sanctuary are planned to be done by the same Co. (Aurora) to reduce cost, funded from 2017 budget surplus.

Also, a new dishwasher and Pantry ducting to reduce dust will be installed in 2017.

Sanctuary HVAC updates will be addressed in 2018 Budget/Projects.

Completed Boiler, Manifold and water damage projects were funded from the 2% fund.


Family Ministry Update

– Miriam started on August 15 and she has begun working to establish new processes that will help our congregation support families in our community

– Sunday school teacher recruitment and orientation has happened and commissioning of teachers will take place on Rally Day on September 17

– Milestone moments will be offered throughout the year for families to use in their homes

– Milestone Blessings will be offered in the congregation to provide a blessing to families at different touchstone moments in families.

Other Updates

Pastor is working with Mike on Usher/Greeter training and new member assimilation process.

Becky is resigning as the person heading up fellowship activity due to time constraints.

Pastor suggested Life Group participation/invitation as new member assimilation idea.

Witness, Mercy, Life Together

In Christ, for the Church and the World

These phrases illustrate how the church lives and works together to proclaim the Gospel and to provide for our brothers and sisters in our congregations, communities, and throughout the world. These phrases describe the emphasis of The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.