April 11 Church Council Summary Notes

Church Council – April 11, 2017 Meeting Summary


  • West Door repair work being coordinated by Keith Burns and Ian Schonsheck. Work is estimated to cost around $10,000, and will be scheduled for after Easter.
  • A basketball hoop has been purchased and placement is being coordinated w/Russ Spiegelberg so that it will not be a problem during snowplowing.
  • Boiler replacement estimates – Cost decision depends on efficiency level, eligible rebates, fuel savings, etc. Info to determine final solution is still being gathered.
  • Volunteer Clean-up Instead of a single Saturday morning, Keith is working with families to take on projects on their schedule.


Worship Volunteers

We need more people at the 11am Divine Service to regularly volunteer to be ushers. Bob Vedder is considering a system of captains for each Sunday of the month that will recruit his/her own volunteer team.


Education Fund:

Council reviewed and edited the committee’s draft proposal for presentation to the Voters in June. Funding assistance will be proposed to be expanded beyond just Seminary students.


Compassionate Care:

Council voted to disburse $2000 from the Compassionate Care Restricted Fund to the Salvation Army to help fund “Lunch Bunch” that will be held this summer at Coventry Woods, the mobile home park on Sheldon.


Progress Regarding Objectives:

1) Increase participation in Sunday school and Bible classes

Mike and Linda are documenting new best practices they will employ for review at the May Council meeting.


2) Increase opportunities for people to connect to each other outside of Sunday worship. 

Becky is planning special food/fellowship for new member/confirmation Sunday after each service. Interest level expressed by members in planning/developing monthly fellowship activities outside of Sunday so far is low, but Pastor encourages working with those who at least participate in Sunday’s activities to promote expansion outside of Sunday fellowship.


3) Provide encouragement and support for nurturing faith formation in the home.

[This objective is also supported by Family Friendly Partnership Network activities].

June 10 St. Paul will host a workshop on parenting. 8am-4:30pm

September 30 Faith in Grand Blanc will host a workshop on parents as “Faith Shapers and Sharing a Faith Legacy”


Poster boards displaying the above objectives are displayed in the narthex and small fellowship room.


Beginning April 17, we will receive donations for the youth garage sale, which will be held April 28-30.

Witness, Mercy, Life Together

In Christ, for the Church and the World

These phrases illustrate how the church lives and works together to proclaim the Gospel and to provide for our brothers and sisters in our congregations, communities, and throughout the world. These phrases describe the emphasis of The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.